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Divine Wisdom


Nature Wonders


Study in Israel:


Torah Authenticity


* Quantum Mechanics Special
    amazing revelations
* Greetings
    true story
* Parable of Life
    by R.Eliyahu Dessler
* Torah Numerology
    the final frontier
* Shaarei Kedusha
   the Gates of Holiness by R. Chaim Vital zt'l

Audio Special:

Rabbi Binyamin Levin
What it really means
to be a religious Jew

  * Book of Yonah
   a glimpse into the world of
   Remez by the Vilna Gaon
* Sparks from the Mir
   by Rabbi Nissan Kaplan of Mir Yeshiva, Jerusalem
* Star of David
   the splendor of Israel
* Signature of G-d
    in the universe

Method of Learning Talmud
by R.Simcha Wasserman zt'l
Parsha secrets
Torah Reading

Iyun vs. Bekius

When will I ever have a worthwhile chazara program?
Below are some of the best techniques for reviewing daf yomi, amud yomi, mishna yomi, halacha yomi, etc..
Use the default programs or design your own. Hatzlacha!

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Daf Yomi + Custom Review Program Generator (ranges)
This is a powerful method for mastering vast amounts of dafim
Daf Yomi - Sefer Hamafteach Method
This method has the advantage of being sequential as opposed to jumping around different mesechtas in the talmud. It is designed for reviewing and remembering by heart vast amounts of dafim.
Daf Yomi Yerushalmi + Custom Review Program Generator (ranges)
Daf numbers according to the Yerushalmi Yomi cycle
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"As far as I know, to the furthest extent of my memory, I never harmed anyone, nor did I ever hurt a person's feelings."
Rav Moshe Feinstein zt'l near the end of his life

"One should not think about others and their matters unless it is for the purpose of benefiting them, whether for their bodies or their souls. Besides this, one should not think about them at all whatsoever. (from Toras Rabbi Yisrael Salanter - section Darkei HaAvodah)"

Mount Sinai

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