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Star of David

based on a Hebrew video by Oren Evron here (with permission)

The Star of David is an ancient symbol of Judaism. The oldest complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible, known as the Leningrad Codex (dated 1008CE), has a "Star of David" on its cover page.

Is there a sign that the Hebrew word "Yisrael" (ישראל) and the "Star of David" figurate are mathematically connected?

The mathematical formula for "Star of David" (Hexagram) figurate numbers is

Star(n) = 6n(n-1)+1

The Star of David (Hexagram) figurate is formed by the merging of two triangle Figurates.
For example, two 28 dot triangle figurates can be merged to form a 37 Star of David figurate.


Triangular Numbers

A pool game, for example, is made up of 15 identical size billiard balls.

15 is a triangular number. Thus, the 15 balls can be arranged into a perfect triangle figurate.

If there were 14 balls or 16 balls, this would not be possible.

Examples of triangular numbers are 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, etc.

Their mathematical formula is:

Triangle(n) = n(n+1)/2

Let us now look at the Star of David (Hexagram) numbers according to their formula:
Star(n) = 6n(n-1)+1


All these numbers are and always will be beautiful Star of David numbers.

Let us now look at the Hebrew word "Yisrael" (ישראל).
Gematria of Yisrael
ל א ר ש י
30 1 200 300 10

Our name "Yisrael" stems from the Torah:

"G-d said to him, 'your name is Yaakov. Your name shall no longer be called Yaakov, but Yisrael shall be your name', and He named him Yisrael" (Gen.35:10).

G-d Himself granted us this name after Yaakov, our forefather, vanquished the angel of Eisav which he wrestled with (Genesis 32:23-31).

This angel was the Satan himself.

Yaakov won the struggle and transformed the power of evil to the power of good and this joined with his old name to grant him the new name - Yisrael.

Do you recognize the number 541?

It is none other than the 10th Star of David number.

It is interesting that Yaakov received the name Yisrael after defeating the Satan.

Yisrael hints to a perfect/whole man - Tiferet Yisrael (the splendor of Yisrael).

Center Point
541 is the exact center point of 1081


Tiferet (תפארת) = 1081 and Yisrael ישראל = 541

For Yaakov, the man of truth (Michah 7:20), had all his 10 Sefirot rectified properly (he also became a Merkava (chariot) for the Sefirah of Tiferet).

10 is a whole/collective number. Thus, G-d created the world with 10 utterances and gave us the 10 commandments.

This is why the name G-d granted to us after Yaakov defeated the power of evil is the 10th star of David number.

The statistical odds of the Hebrew name Yisrael having gematria of 541 are slightly more than 1 percent (see video). Thus, the chance of this being designed is about 99 percent.

There is much to elaborate on this.

For example, the inner hexagon of Yisrael has 271 dots.

The 12 triangles in the Magen David have 45 dots (Gematria of Adam).

Every diagonal has 37 rows, and much much more.

Interestingly, 541 = 100th prime number = 102


One of the most striking examples of natural artistry in the inanimate world is in the formation of snowflakes. Each snowflake is a miracle of beauty, a masterpiece of design and no one design seems to ever be repeated. Amazingly, snowflakes typically have a Magen David or an outline of it discernible in the center. Here is a picture of a real typical snowflake under a microscope.

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