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Wisdom = Yud

As we saw last time:
2701 = 37*73

You may have noticed that each of these numbers has digit sum exactly 10 (3+7=10,7+3=10,2+7+0+1=10). What is that all about?

The opening word of the Torah is "Beresheit" (in the beginning). This word is rendered "with wisdom" (Targum Yerushalmi). For the world was created with divine wisdom.

The opening letter, Beit points to the 2nd of the 10 mystical "Sefirot" (divine lights) - the Sefira of Wisdom.

Likewise, the letter of G-d's Name which corresponds to "wisdom" is "Yud". "Yud" has a gematria of 10.
ה ו ה י

Notice, the first verse has 28 letters, a triangle number (1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28) with Yud of G-d's Name as the central letter (see picture on right, notice also the inner triangle has 10 letters).

"Wisdom" (called Chochma) in Hebrew, has 3 Gematrias which all point to Yud=10.

Observe the following perfection.
Standard Gematria
חכמה/wisdom =73

Center Point
37 is the exact center point of 73


(i.e. for 73 dots side by side, the middle dot is the 37th)

Let us now look at the "Ordinal Gematria" which refers to the order number in the Hebrew Alphabet.
Ordinal Gematria
חכמה/wisdom =37

Center Point
19 is the exact center point of 37


Gematria Ketana (small Gematria)
חכמה/wisdom =19

Center Point
10 is the exact center point of 19


Thus, we have a perfect alignment of the 3 Gematrias of Chochma = Wisdom towards "Yud" = 10 (and the 10 points to 1, i.e. the One G-d[1]).
73=Wisdom(Standard Gematria)
37=Wisdom(Ordinal Gematria and center point of 73)
19=Wisdom(Small Gematria and center point of 37)
10=Yud and center point of 19

The Gematria of the first verse is 2701 = 37*73

Observe how all these numbers have digit sum = 10 exactly:

Likewise all the subgroups of 2701 have digit sum = 10 exactly:
2701Sum of Thousands=2+701=703=7+0+3=10
2701Sum of Hundreds=27+01=28=2+8=10
2701Sum of Digits=2+7+1+0=10

All pointing to the Yud = 10 = Wisdom!

The sum of thousands - 703 is an extremely important number as we will see.

It is the base of the triangle of 28 letters (see above):
ואת הארץ = 703 = 37*19 (the two lower gematrias of wisdom).

703 is also a unique number in that it is the only number with digit sum=10 and whose sum of thousands always reduces to itself when raised to any power. For example:
347+428+927=1702 (1+702=703)
244+242+535+681=1702 (1+702=703)
So too for all powers. It always reduces back to 703. In that sense it is the one and only number which points continuously to 10 = wisdom for all powers.
(the only other numbers which reduce like this are 297 and 999 but these do not have digit sum of 10. These latter numbers relate to the upper part of the triangle as we will see)

The geometric properties of 2701/703 are also absolutely astounding as we will see, be'H.

For example:
2701 is the 73rd triangle number and the 37th hexagonal number.
703 is the 37th triangle number and the 19th hexagonal number.
Both 73 and 37 are star of David (hexagram) numbers.
Thus 2701 is one of the extremely rare "star of star" numbers and a unique and special one as we'll see.

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  • [1] The various gematrias represent different stages of creation. Notice how the Small Gematria of Wisdom reduces to 10 and then to 1, namely:
    19=Wisdom(Small Gematria)
    10=Wisdom(Small Gematria reduced), i.e. 1+9=10
    1=Wisdom(Small Gematria reduced reduced), i.e. 1+0=1
    Thus, the gematrias of "wisdom" all point to 10 and then reduce to the digital root of 1, the point of creation (heard from Oren Evron) return to text


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